Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Sparkled

     So where would you begin your journey to sparkle? I woke up ready to give it my best, one day at a time, because for one thing, I promised you all I was going to. Writing a blog about my plans and losing weight is even more public than getting the pig to take home and put on your fridge for a week. That was the penalty back in the 80s when you went to Tops if you were the biggest gainer! After stepping on the scale and feeling momentarily disgusted with myself for gaining five of the twenty pounds I lost last fall, I decided five pounds wasn't worth losing my new shiny spirit over.

     At noon, I went to a new nondenominational church. As I drove there I wondered what to expect. Like I said, I'm Lutheran and love the hymns and order of service and all of that but right now I need spiritual meat and potatoes (sorry I'm missing them already ha), to get me through the week! I parked and was happy to see a lot of people wearing all different types of clothes and the volunteers that day were super friendly! I also saw a huge U-Haul truck and people loading bags into the truck. I found out later that with this cold weather snap many homeless people didn’t have the cold weather attire they needed. When I rounded the corner there was a little coffee tent and volunteers were selling coffee, tea or bottled water for a donation AND get this, THEY DO IT EVERY SUNDAY, AND YOU COULD TAKE THE COFFEE INTO CHURCH WITH YOU! That's heaven already! The church on the inside was a huge semi round sanctuary, complete with theater seating with cup holders! The contemporary gospel band that opened and played was inspiring and every song spoke to directly to my heart! The sermon was informative, interesting, scriptural and funny at times! More moving music and it was time to leave already. On the way out, I saw a man take the coat off he was wearing, and fling it on the truck for the homeless on the way out of church. I loved the whole experience! I will be passing through those doors carrying coffee, with three creams, again next Sunday for sure!

     Next I went to Sams Club for healthy food shopping, in the biggest and cheapest quantities, for our eating plan. I got fish, chicken, vegetables, nuts, Atkins bars, tea and bottled water. Probably needless to say but, we had fish and vegetables for dinner, I know what a shock!

     Tomorrow is Monday, and you know what that means. It’s the day you really kick it up a notch and no I’m not thinking of Emeril or food! I challenge you to give some thought to your personal sparkle and take a step to do just a little better than yesterday! We don't have to be a 4th of July sparkler all in one day, just forward progress instead of being stuck in neutral or going backwards. What do I have on my face book page? Something like, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.. It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” On with the journey!

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