Friday, August 3, 2012

Keep On the Sunnyside!

    Do you ever dwell on the negative happenings in your life until it dims the shine of all the blessings you live with every day? I do that. Many days I dwell on my health problems, such as my arthritis and lower back problems until it really zaps the joy from life. The other day it hit me, how often I let that happen.

     My Mom used to say, that when she opened her eyes in the morning and saw the sun coming through her bedroom window she always, “thanked God for another day”! I don't even do that...I just plant my stiff feet on the floor, and ooch and ouch my way to the bathroom  muttering in my head about how they hurt and disgusted that I can't take any advil anymore, and how mad at myself I am for allowing my weight problem to exasterbate the whole thing.

     Then, I fix my tea and toast (my favorite time of every day)! This is when I used to take my advil… three of them, so I could take the edge of my arthritis and do something. Now I have to tackle everything I do with the sheer willpower,  I manage to muster up. Lately my poor attitude has been fanning the flame of self pity.

     The other day I was driving out to see Stetson and listening to Laura Story's song, Blessings. I really soaked in the same lyrics I'd heard many times before. Later that week I heard a speaker say, “ what ever is bothering you, whether it's something benign like arthritis, or something deadly like cancer, is easier to handle if you change your attitude”! If we believe we have everlasting life, the years we spend in our earthly bodies are like a blip on the radar scale...because eternity has a long timeline!

      I resolved to find things every day that I'm thankful for. Small things like when you get a cart and all the wheels work, the moment of relief you feel after tripping and NOT falling this time, or how about when you are approaching a stoplight and you whiz right through! Then of course the huge overlooked everyday blessings such as health( whats a little arthritis?), music, laughter, books, family, children, second chances, air conditioning and warm fireplaces. But most of all  - those whose footprints are imprinted all over our lives.

So pick up your cross whatever that is,  and carry on! Life is so much sweeter when you, “keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side….keep on the sunny side of life”!