Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commit To A Healthy Life

      It’s a new year. What will you do with it? Resolutions come and go. The way you choose to live shouldn’t. Don’t throw in the towel, grab one and break a sweat. Lets do it together! Those words were on the cover of an invitation from Lifetime Fitness inviting us to their facility. I thought it was a great choice of words urging people to commit to a better life!

     I already wrote about what I planned to do with my year, and how I felt about resolutions. The catch for me in the words above, is that the way I choose to live shouldn’t come and go. I have always been a yoyo dieter. My joke is I haven’t even been able to yo, however for 15 years! The numbers have been gradually creeping up and up.

     Take it from me, losing weight isn’t hard. What’s hard, is getting your mind in the right place to stay disciplined. Exercise is a huge part losing weight and being healthy. I’d do well for awhile and then fall off the mark.

     I absolutely hate the TV show The Biggest Loser! I cannot believe someone doesn’t die and I can’t imagine the injuries that must happen when people that large are driven to exercise like that. In my opinion, it sets the bar way to high for the overweight people watching it. To me, it sends a message that they are going to have to practically kill themselves to lose weight. Excessive exercise is not likely to happen for most of us, because by the time you allow that many pounds to add up most of us are limping and ill. I heard a good analogy once that compared a wagon carrying a light load to a wagon carrying a heavy load. Naturally the heavy wagon’s wheels are going to give out first! Interesting, but didn’t spur me on to any success. I hope it works for you.

    You don’t have to kill yourself practically to lose weight just concentrate on getting healthier and I really think it will just happen. Maybe I’m delusional, I’m not sure. Its about feeling better, doing some things like horse back riding I haven’t done for years and just being who I am and living my days instead of acting like they are unending and just wasting my time here.

     I am eleven days into my campaign to sparkle. I have lost five pounds in eleven days, far from the biggest losers success if your measuring by pounds but I don’t care. I have my walking up to 20 min. and I started at ten. I haven’t been sore or stiff, and my back is holding up well. I have never been thin and don’t plan to be, it is not about looks for me.

    I’m writing blogs because I love to write, and I want to help someone else. I’m not going to write all year on weight. Life is way bigger than that! I have lots of ideas, but this one is in my face at the moment. Or should I say in my back?
So tomorrow, God willing, I will grab a towel, break a sweat and enjoy my day. I’m staying strong in my commitment to live better.  

Ps…Scotty is doing ok. He has surgery today to put the port in his chest for chemo.

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