Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looks A Lot Like Jenga

     Have you ever played Jenga? I haven’t actually played it because…. ok this may sound strange, but I don’t like games where there’s potential for aggravating noise. Kathy and Mom used to play Yahtzee and I never joined in. Listening to five dice hit the table three times for each play was not my idea of fun, let alone some people shake it five minutes before dumping them out! Today, I decided working on myself and finding the real me after all these years is a lot like a game of Jenga.

     My initial fired up feeling over adding some sparkle to my life, ebbed a little today. I’ve not had a Coke in three days and I’ve exercised every day. So, besides admitting that I need a higher power to keep me from my Coke addiction, the exercise part confirmed that I’m the laziest person on the planet! When it comes to physical exercise, I’m a wuss!

     I have back problems, but I’ve complained about that so much I can’t stand to listen to myself even, so I’m going to skip whining about that. My heels however, I am going to whine about! I have not had tennis shoes on them in a couple years. I’m the croc queen and before you start gasping some of them are really cute! They have attractive flats that no one even knows are crocs, and for my back problems they are the bomb! But my heels have gotten to be so tender I can’t wear real shoes.

    Yesterday, I walked around the neighborhood. Today though, I got Sydney to help me pull my treadmill out of the corner and after only a couple gouges in the wall, we got it laid down and positioned. I purposely waited until Sydney went to Zumba before I started my exercise “routine” (eleven minutes, hush now) so she couldn’t say anything about how long I stayed on there. If it was up to her, she’d train me like Jillian Michaels on the biggest loser! Refer to paragraph one…I’m a wuss remember? Nobody’s screaming in my face to push harder! This is a sparkle campaign not torture!

    After grunting and struggling and that was just getting my shoes on, I was thinking, these don’t feel to bad! I got on the treadmill and hunted around for where the key goes in. That’s telling how long since I’ve used it and there was a time I never missed a day walking 4 miles on it. I’d go home from a holiday and walk. After I got the key in, I dusted off the dashboard and thought to myself this thing is as dusty as I feel right now!
     So I started on my walk thinking….“ my shoes don’t feel to bad, YET!” So, I walked eleven minutes which is nothing I know but I do not want to hurt my back so I decided I’m going to add a minute a day for the first couple weeks. I’m going over to Marcy’s tomorrow to help with the kids, and I want to walk thru the door without a cane when she meets me with her neck brace.

    On the bright side, which is the only side that matters, I ate healthy all day, got my pantry cleaned out, signed up for three more drug classes {not for myself, for my education ha), and a jewelry class. Brendon called me to have dinner with him Friday. That invitation made my day, I really love to hang out with the kids.

    Back to Jenga, you build your way to the top a little at a time. Sometimes your only move looks shaky and the top seems a long way away. Other people might think you’re making a wrong move, but it works for you and the tower still stands! Even in the worse case scenario, it makes an annoying racket and tumbles down. If that happens players just start over and build it back up! The game goes on, the game can always go on.

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