Friday, March 4, 2011


      Did you ever read the book Little Black Sambo? That little book was a family favorite Mom read to us. We were just talking about the book at Mom’s birthday party last week. All the girls remembered that story! There’s been a lot of talk these last years about the use of “black” in that story. It’s actually been changed to Little Brave Sambo!  A classic example of racism claims gone crazy, the story was first written in 1899 by Helen Bannerman from Scotland. The daughter of a chaplain who was posted to foreign countries; she lived for over thirty years in India.  She wrote the book about a little Indian boy.
      Little Black Sambo is an exciting tale involving Black Jumbo the father, and Black Mumbo the mother, who come home from the market with a beautiful red coat, blue trousers, a green umbrella and a beautiful pair of purple shoes with “crimson soles and crimson linings”( I loved that part, how beautiful they must have been), for little Black Sambo.
      Little Black Sambo runs into a bunch of tigers, who threaten to eat him. He remains calm and brave, but winds up using his beautiful clothes to bargain with the threatening tigers, before reclaiming them while the tigers fight to prove who looks grandest in his clothing. They get in such a fight that they chase each other in a circle around and around a tree! Eventually, they turn into butter. At the end of the book Black Mumbo uses the butter for pancakes.  Black Mumbo ate twenty-seven pancakes, and Black Jumbo ate fifty-five pancakes, but Little Black Sambo ate a hundred and sixty-nine, because he was so hungry after the long day he’d had!

          My Mom was a true pancake lover and baker. She always made animals or whatever we could dream up for her to make. She was very artistic and they always turned out really cute!  Like a short order cook she happily made whatever animal we could dream up.  When Brendon came along and wanted footballs and baseballs, she even put the laces on it. All of our kids have wonderful memories of animal pancakes at Grandmas.
         Our family favorite pancake recipe is

2 cups of flour                      ½ tsp. soda
1 tsp baking powder           1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups of buttermilk          2 Tbsp. melted shortening
2 eggs                                       2 Tbsp. sugar

       Mix in the order given. If you like your pancakes thicker add more flour. If you like them thinner add more buttermilk or milk. Mom used milk if she didn’t have buttermilk. This recipe makes about a fairly big batch, at least 12 small pancakes.
        We always ate hot animal pancakes at breakfast with butter and Log Cabin immitation maple syrup ha.  Over the rest of the day we ate all the plain round leftovers. We enjoyed them cold and rolled up, with butter and sugar trickling down our sleeve. We loved them!  I never got up to polishing off 169 pancakes, like Little Black Sambo, but did eat enough that my stomach felt like I did! Here are some videos of how make some cute shape ones. They have videos these days ha!

<a href=" to make fun and creative pancakes for kids</a>

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