Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Start heating the oil. I used a fry daddy. But it can be done on the stove too.  

Whisk together:

             2 eggs

            1 tbsp sugar

             1/4 teas salt


1 cup milk

1 Teas. Vanilla


1 cup of sifted flour. Mix so there are no lumps and it’s the consistency of heavy cream.  

Pour the batter into a shallow container. I used a loaf pan. Heat oil to 375 and keep at that temp. Let the irons get hot in the oil and then quickly blot on a paper towel and dip irons into batter being sure not to go over the top, or they won’t release. Fry in the hot oil about thirty seconds. They may come off in the oil or some may need some gentle help with a fork. You can make many different patterns. When finished sprinkle with powdered sugar, white sugar or cinnamon and sugar. Embrace your inner Norwegian and enjoy this delicacy made for Christmas,  or for special occasions in Norway. I had them at my wedding 41 years ago.

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