Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a note!

Just a quick note everyone! I have am having a busy streak here. I have online classes, one I DO NOT LIKE. It’s on sobriety and how that involves more than just not taking that drink. I get that, but the whole book is about that, and the teacher nit picks about small things, which makes you dread doing the assignments.

As you probably read I got a horse and I can not wait to get him to Marcy’s on Thursday! One of Kerry’s concerns about me getting a horse, was how am I going to stay focused on all this school work with a horse… and I must admit it is a little hard. All I want to do is look at tack online and videos! Kerry didn’t think it’s a good idea, the whole horse thing, but he’s not saying no. That’s one of my favorite things about Kerry is he lets me be me. I don’t know if my back can handle it, but I’ve read the riding itself is ok, it’s the heavy lifting etc that is bad for your back. I’m not sure how it will go but I want to at least try it.

My diet/exercise is going well. I have lost 15 lbs. and my clothes feel better. I have a Dr’s appt to go over routine blood work tomorrow and I’m hoping she is happy with the numbers. I had full out diabetes for awhile this last year, and I’m hoping that goes away when I lose some weight. I am continuing to just try and eat well, take good care of myself, not deny myself the things I love, just have them in smaller quantities. Yesterday, I wanted a coke so bad, a real one, so I opened one, took four “glugs” and tipped it upside down in the sink and dumped it(don’t tell Kerry he’d have a fit!) ha! I’m walking 30 min and I could go longer now, but I still struggle with staying on it, and I have to live with this, so thirty min for six days a week, is enough. I still have Syd, (aka Jillian Micheals) trying to talk me into longer, but I tell her to buzz off.

Tomorrow I am going over to the Shelbey’s school to judge monologue tryouts for the musical they put on once a year. I’m so proud of the job she does. She is a beloved teacher to her students and when she took that position at an excelling school with a lot of musical theater, she was a little intimidated and I pep talked her into seeing it as growth for herself. She has grown into the shoes so well, everyone tells her what a great teacher she is!

Brendon, got a new car last week, which he needed pretty bad. He has a new girlfriend I just met, that I really like. She said she’s the old, new girlfriend. They’ve been seeing each other for two years but have finally decided to make it official. I’m thrilled for them.

Sydney is living with me and single, at the moment, so I actually see her some. She is so much company and is such a fun person. We both sit with our computers on our lap and watch TV at the same time in the evenings. She’s doing well at her job at Sports Clips…and loves her job! I never hear her complain about going. She really enjoys it.

I talk to my sisters almost every day, and Kerry when he’s not on the road. He is coming in a couple of weeks so I’m starting to tell him what to bring, when he comes. He always brings me frozen ground chuck from Charlie’s Meats in Minot. Every time he says, “it’s $3.00 a lb you know” and I say, “I KNOW, I want it anyway” ha! Gotta have that! He comes with hamburger in his carry on and leaves with oranges and grapefruit from the trees here. He has clothes and shaving stuff here already.

So, that’s it for now. Ill write something deeper when things settle down. I’m having my annual Grandma party on Mom’s birthday this weekend on the 20th. I always have Marcy and her girls and my daughters over for a girls night, once a year. We have a book club we call A Family Affair, I give them a book for Christmas and we all read it, and have dinner on Moms birthday and talk about the book and celebrate her life. She’d like that.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. I got the cutest message to wake up to this morning… a video from Hunter, Jessica’s (Marcy’s daughter) son. He’s two, and the on the video he says, “Hi, Pam, Happy Valentine’s Day”, in his little chipper voice with his puffy eyes from a good nights sleep! Made my day!

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